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For the past few years I have been a co-coordinator and instructor in an Illustration for Sequential Arts' program in Toronto Canada at a private school named Max The Mutt. MTM started out as strictly an animation school but in recent years has added the related disciplines of Concept Art and Sequential Arts. All are full diploma programs and all share the Founders' commitment to first and foremost passing on solid drawing and painting skills to the students.

One of the things that I appreciate most about the school is that the class sizes are capped at 20 students. A good amount of 'one on one time' between student and teacher is crucial in this field of learning and the smaller class sizes ensure that the students are not shortchanged.

For more information about the school go to www.maxthemutt.com.

As well as a general pencilling course for students in all years I teach specialized foundation courses such as Constructive Figure drawing, Structural Drawing - Objects in Three Dimensional Space, and Constructing Backgrounds, Props and Objects.

Simplified 'mannequin' figures develop the student's ability to pose characters from all angles.

When to use 1 , 2 and 3 point perspective and the Rules Of Engagement when it comes to rotating objects in three dimensional space.

Shaping Space with the aid of perspective grids. 'Sculpting' forms on the flat page.

A final comment . . .

"There is a lot of satisfaction in seeing students improve and grow confident in their abilities , and in knowing that you had a hand in it.

Here's the side benefit . . . As a teacher you must distill what you know into a methodology that is both clear and practical for the students and that involves a lot of reviewing and reinforcing of your own skill set. Trust me, that's not a bad thing!"

Draw what you can see.

Let your hand discover your imagination.